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yam who? (uk)
special yam who dj mix

the words - yam who?, entered into our vocabulary last year after these guys released a series of blazing re-works of artists like raphael saadiq, pharrell & little brother. shrouded in mystery & locked in their studio with live musicians they've produced some really refreshing music. this mix comes from the japanese only compilation of their work in 2003. keep your eyes open for their 12"s as well as the remix work they have coming up.


01. erykah badu - i want you
02. tha'rayne - didn't you know
03. ? - can i just flow with the rhyme
04. dwele - hold on
05. q-tip - doin it
06. musiq - baby mother
07. nas - heaven (remix)
08. anthony hamilton - comin from where i'm from
09. outkast - she lives in my lap
10. q-tip - even if she is so
11. erykah badu - back in the day
12. alison crockett - u r
13. the rebirth - this journey in
14. ? - something broken
15. stateless - bringing me down (remix)
16. dwele - angel pt.2 (broken remix)

* tracklist submitted by andrea s. because she's just nice like that.