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chris vogado's in the mix with this nugget for his latest compilation 'fluid ounce presents...', snag a copy at your local record store. fluid ounce have been putting out the solid tunes for as far back as i can remember... and some of their releases hold a special place in my collection of vinyl... it's just not the same with cd's now. can i say that mp3's hold a special place in my hard drive? it just doesn't sound right now does it... enjoy the mix :-(

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listen to chris vogado in the mix

01. Daisuke Tanabe - Blue Towel
02. Paul Freeth - 2 Left Feet
03. Barry Styles - Ooh Baby
04. Raj - Goranja Center
05. Kid Swing - Yeah Yeah Baby
06. Kids In Tracksuits - Ape Shit
07. Beatspoke - Dubcore
08. B.D.I. - Blackstar (Up & Out mix)
09. Color Blind - Green Paper (Deepchild remix)
10. Kids In Tracksuits - Eyes like Tea
11. Hipster Wonkas - Spaced Out Mums
12. Raymond In Space - Galactica
13. Color Blind - One More Reason ( Barbena & Ashton remix)
14. Is Love - October & Borai
15. Caged Torazik - DJ Gomor
16. Scott - Bah
17. Dave da Gato - Carbon