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even before i started to dj i found myself under the influence of partick forge via his 'rebirth of cool' compilations, there was always a copy in somebody's glove box or cd collection. gradually, as i got more into djing patrick's 'stop and listen' compilation as well as the 'off centre' compilations soon became part of my collection. not much later came da lata which demonstrated his love for the brazilian beat. their most recent album 'serious' is in stores now and a few cuts are highlighted in this mix. all i have to say is that 'serious' is one of my favourite tracks of the year... i don't think even the wall flowers stand a chance once it's played!

visit da lata or listen to patrick's show on


01. curtis - mayfield - right on for darkness curtom
02. da lata - reeling - palm
03. lo tek hi fi - perculator (intro) - big dada
04. da lata - somthing - palm
05. dominguin hos - baiao violada - rca
06. da lata - firefly - palm
07. da lata - serious - palm
08. ursula rucker - release - !k7
09. fertile ground - the moment (seiji mix) - counterpoint
10. vulien babinga-mbongui - percussions - safari amblamce
11. hugh masekela - languta - chisa
12. charles earland - leaving this planet - prestige
13. da lata if u don't know - palm