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matthias heilbronn (deep zone, wave, usa) +http+
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i don't know when i first heard matthias' work but i remember hearing a remix for 'reasons' years ago at an afterhours that was supposedly done by deep zone. the record is hot and i still play today. after that i kept my eyes open for his name and made myself more familiar with his work. who can forget big muff's 'funny valentine' and his mix for abstract truth's 'we had a thing'. i suppose it would take a while to rattle off all his accomplishments as there are so many but keep an eye out for his name on labels like king street, wave and chez. if you are in nyc you can check him sunday afternoons at arc with tedd patterson.

visit matthias at


01. adonis - no way back - trax
02. kraftwerk - numbers/computerworld - emi
03. boo williams - day & night - residual recordings
04. weekend players - i'll be there (soul mekanik remix) - r
05. deborah cox - up & down (david harness remix) - cdr
06. deepah ones - freak (dub instrumental) - defected
07. blackbyrds - mystery of love (joey negro dub)- z records
08. dj gregory - attend 2 - kitsune
09. memory man - ya dubroots (uovo's dub experience) - manocalda
10. d'malicious - dark tradition ep - wave
11. e-smoove - my gasm - focus
12. iz & diz - love it, dub it (fred everything dub) - silver network
13. seamus hadji/mekkah - race of survival - soul love
14. brian harden - love funk - moods & groove records
15. mad mike - transition - underground resistance