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daniel w. best is the man behind those dope reggae 45's you see coming out of germany. the label caught my interest after i heard 'how to find royal jelly' by the lost scrolls of hamaric... the name alone would peak anyone's interest! daniel's also recently released 'best seven selections', it's a compilation of some of the labels best releases as well as a few other stand out cuts that fit in quite nicely. listen to this mix and if you like it i definitely recommend the album.

learn more by visiting best seven records and sonar kollektiv.


01. sizzla - woman i need you - vp records
02. junior delahaye - working for the rent man - wackies
03. junior kelly feat. calibre - take me there - vp records
04. re:jazz feat. joy denalane - torch freedom (frost and wagner street mix) - best seven/sonar kollektiv
05. joe duckie and dj fitchie - this room - best seven/sonar kollektiv
06. taffari - water glass - best seven/sonar kollektiv
07. swimmingpool - bypassed - combination
08. fat freddy's drop - hope - kartel
09. kabuki feat. c. watkiss - after the fire - best seven/sonar kollektiv
10. noiseshaper feart. farda p - good enough - different drummer
11. rhythmn and sound feat. love joy - best friend - burial mix