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chateau flight (versatile, france) +http+
juin 2002 meex

i:cube and gilb'r are the two minds that make up the infamous chateau flight. my ears were first tuned to them and versatile via the deadly 'disco cubism' by i:cube as well as 'venus' by gilb'r, both of which we still play today. i:cube and gilb'r were both slotted to play at demf 2001 (thanks to carl craig's vision) and were one of the main reasons i went. due to scheduling changes we missed gilbr's set but still managed to catch i:cube. he floored us. i'm not the biggest dancer and i don't particularly like the rain, but it started to pour during his set and i, along with everyone else kept on shakin. enjoy this mix as much as you'd like... rain free of course.

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01. tony allen vs. damon albarn - every season - comet
02. brandy - what about us - atlantic
03. jeff mills - nigeria - millsart
04. theo parrish - dirty rhodes - sound signature
05. dj spinna - deeply rooted / nite groove
06. wrenchman - util e.p - mandu
07. padlock
08. rodney franklin - the groove - cbs
09. quando quango - genius - factory
10. zusamen - emoticon
11. viktor duplaix - sensuality - !k7
12. dj mehdi - she's so mad - labels
13. de la soul feat. mike d and ad rock - squat - tommy boy
14. paradox - black sun - archive
15. trouble man - where we stand - farout
16. john tejada and arian leviste - memoria technica - Palette
18. deep drawn - boogie wolf ep - moon harbour
17. tojami sessions - ookie moon - separe recordings
19. sir lord comiw - world of groove - ugly
20. mac attack - the art of drums