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carl craig (planet e, usa) +http+
carl's x-mas mixtape.
recorded exclusively and broadcasted for #10 in december 2003

carl craig. the words can make your ears perk up and the hair on the back of your neck rise to attention. it's a name deeply rooted in the history of electronic music and still stands for innovation today. whether he's behind the computer or at the helm of planet e records, carl has been responsible some of the sweetest jams ever pressed. he also gave us the original detroit electronic music festival. i attened the 2nd festival which was shrouded in controversy but it was dope, and i still have my 'i support carl craig' sticker on my mixer. the peeps at compost were able to somehow get the unthinkable... a carl craig mixtape. in case you missed its premier on here it is again. enjoy.

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