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blackbeard (uptown safari, uk)
radio mix

who is blackbeard? what you should really be asking is who are blackbeard? well, they are a dj, a producer and few musicians who like to make already good songs even better. instead of simply remixing/re-editing a cut these guys cut & paste and add live instruments to the mix making it a true re-work. if you buy records then you'll have noticed the blackbeard name popping up 12"s with reworks of nas, common & freeway. keep your eyes and ears open for these guys because we'll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the months to come. i've been loving this mix since i heard it on compost.raduo show #14 and even more so after it dropped into my mailbox!


01. mcmoy tyner - inception - impulse
02. the roots - break u off (yam who? rework) - white
03. common - funky for you - mca
04. venus tribe - slowdown
05. beyonce - summertime (blackbeard rework) - white
06. tribe called quest - check the rhyme
07. ultramagnetic mc's - funky
08. erykah badu - love of my life worldwide - motown
09. art blakey & the jazz messengers - chant for bu
10. hi tension - if it moves you
11. lucy pearl - without yo (jaydee remix) - virgin
12. soul live - doin something - white
13. the gravediggaz - interlude
14. talib kweli - get by (blackbeard rework - white