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michael mettke & jan krause are beanfield, and they've just recently released a hot new album called 'seek' on compost records. if you've been buying your records like good little children then you'll already own copies of 'the season' 12" as well as their last album "human patterns'. lately though, everybody and their mom has raving about the carl craig remix of 'tides', but beanfield give themselves a nice re-rub on the other side of the 12" so don't forget the b-side. anyways, i've been a fan of these guys for a long time and am happy to have their mix here for you.

visit beanfield at


01. lawrence - colts foot - dial/kompakt
02. the soft pink truth - soft pink missy (brooks pink mafia mix) - soundslike
03. beanfield - cargo - compost
04. the matthew herbert big band - cafe de flore - accidental
05. beanfield - tides (chateau flight remix) - compost
06. beanfield - welcome - compost
07. ricardo villalobos - waiworinao - playhouse
08. beanfield - vertigowheel - compost
09. passion dance orchestra - worlds theme 2 - needs
10. beanfield - close to you (maurice fulton remix) - compost
11. manzell - space funk - white