Saturday, September 30, 2006

+ #90 podcast +

is it just me or do i really have the worst luck with my internet service? well, my service is ass and it frustrates me to no end which makes me not feel like making a new show because like what's the point if nobody can hear it? the internet is up for the time being however so here it is... show #90. only a few more & we'll be at show no.100! wawawewa. this one is a bit longer clocking in at around 2hrs. enjoy it. don't get bored of it & put it on repeat... the more you listen to the songs the more you will get them. they're all good... lindstrom is awesome. shlomi... um... keep it up. chateau flight & joakim... well vive le france!

show no. 90 gani's 'palle come un cavallo' mix.
posted december 3rd, 2006.
+ voicemail + '...good thing your phone isn't on...'
+ intro +
01. four tet - pockets (minimal version) - k7 records
02. sono - since you're gone (international pony mix) - [pias] recordings
03. outlines - listen to the drums (original edit) - sonar kollektiv
04. lindstrom - the contemporary fix - feedelity recordings
05. pete heller - simpler - phela recordings
06. guy gerber & shlomi aber - after love - cocoon recordings
07. chateau flight - baccula - innervisions
08. antena - camino del sol (joakim remix) - permanent vacation
09. shlomi aber - tel aviv garden - audio therapy
10. marc romboy & stephan bodzin - atlas - systematic
11. lindstrom - the contemporary fix (serious syntoms version) - feedelity recordings
12. abyss - mind games - buzzin fly records
13. trentemoller - nightwalker - poker flat
14. punto, donato dozzy & jacopo carreras - 3temp3 - orange groove
15. pier bucci, luciano & lucien - stone age - bruchstuecke records

+ #89 podcast +

is it just me or do these shows get fewer & further between? am i busier? essh. well, whatever the answer may be here is another mix hot off the press. as usual there is lots of good music for your ears. the new loco dice is the shiiiiiit! um, the surprise track is le bomb! and the markus enochson is pretty hot as well. drop me a line & let me know what you think or send an email scolding me for my unreliability... enjoy!

show no. 89 gani's 'i got sick in paris' mix.
posted september 25th, 2006.
+ voicemail + '...everytime it rains the toilet backs up...'
+ intro +
01. lindstrom - pesto og kolera (brennan green saucey version) - feedelity
02. discemi - bert's song - get physical music
03. martin landsky - 1000 Miles - poker flat
04. markus enochson - for you to see (tiger stripes rmx) - sonar kollektiv
05. loco dice - flight lb 7475 - ovum
06. rodamaal - insomnia (ame rmx) - buzzin' fly
07. dennis ferrer - underground is my home - king street
08. ??? - ??? - ???
09. radiohead - everything in it's right place (osunlade re-edit) - white
10. jimpster - square up (john tejada rmx) - freerange records

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

+ #88 podcast +

oh, hello again & thanks for coming back. its been a while now hasn't it... i got busy with my summer parties. anyways, it looks like i might be back in the swing of things... it's still summer so having drinks on patios might still interrupt the shows, but we'll let the chips fall where they may. that load of nonsense said enjoy the show... the intro this time is a bit of a frantic message left by my friend who was concerned about my welfare after the authorities busted our party. i really was locked in a room for about two hours. crazy. lots of good music once again... the djuma soundsystem track is the shit! the carl craig tracks are also a couple winners. but yeah... enjoy the show & the rest of the summer!

show no. 88 gani's 'locked in the closet' mix.
posted august 7th, 2006.
01. 'i heard you're locked in a closet...'
02. intro
03. syclops - the fly - tirk
04. bola belo - dem people go (dennis ferrer's kicked out mix) - king street sounds
05. mahala rai banda bucovina - mahalageasca (bucovina dub) - atlantic jaxx
06. agora rhythm - my vision - sonar kollektiv
07. fish go deep - the cure & the cause feat. tracey k (dennis ferrer remix) - defected
08. djuma soundsystem - les djinns (trentemoller remix) - get physical music
09. rhythm & sound - poor people must work feat. bobbo shanti (carl craig remix) - burial mix
10. trickski - at les (carl craig cover) - sonar kollektiv
11. phonique - bee (alexander maier & john disco remix) - fine records
12. booka shade - darko - get physical music
13. akabu - phuture bound (ame remix) - z records

Friday, August 04, 2006

+ umm... sorry? +

i've been slacking a bit on the for a bit as you can probably tell. i appreciate those of you who've emailed me to say that i should move my ass & make a new show though! i didn't know that there were that many of you listening :) my milk. parties have unfortunately been brought to an unfortunate early slow down this summer due to some venue issues we've had at sunnyside pavilion. i had a bunch of stuff lined up and now it's all out the window. i'm sad. as a result i've got a bit more time on my hands & will be making a new show in the next week or so. thanks for your impatience!!!

if you aren't doing anything tonight & you're in toronto... go to revial. we're doing the the stones throw 10yr. anniversary. it's dancing time!!! (this party was supposed to be at sunnyside tonight... under the stars & the open night sky... i'm more sad now...)

Monday, May 22, 2006

+ #87 podcast +

another show packed full of good new music. track #1 is an as yet unreleased carl craig remix. tiefschwarz team up with tracey thorn of everything but the girl fame. i like her voice... why doesn't she do more stuff? another cut off the new booka shade album which you should buy if you're into that sort of thing & also a track that blows my mind - claude von stroke's who's afraid of detroit. awesome. his album is good too so buy it as well. he did that deep throat track that i played a few months ago. sweet. but yo... my house smells of fresh homemade pizza so i'm off to investigate... enjoy.

show no. 87 gani's 'dead f*&king air' mix.
posted may 22nd, 2006.
01. dead f*&king air...
02. intro
03. delia gonzalez & gavin russom - relevee (carl craig remix) - dfa
04. hot chip - just like we (breakdown) (dfa remix) - dfa
05. burdy - hold it back (tim paris remix) - sunshine enterprises
06. booka shade - white room - get physical music
07. claude von stroke - who's afraid of detroit? - dirty bird
08. robert babicz - sleeping beauty - audiomatique
09. tiefschwarz - damage feat. tracey thorn (the buick project remix) - fine records
10. lk-pro - the deep blue - mutekki
11. marcus worgull - dragon loop - innervisions

Thursday, May 11, 2006

+ #86 podcast +

a number of people commented on the intro i used for the last show... it's amazing what girlfriends will leave on an answering machine sometimes isn't it? i've got a bunch of messages recorded so look out for them on upcoming shows & if you're calling me beware!!! this shows message is from many moons ago. i don't even know when, maybe like 8 years ago? anyways... i was getting fired for breaking all the rules. what a rebel. onto the music... i've been in a very 'electronic' mood lately as past mixes have shown, this one is no different. hope you're feeling it. i wish i knew how to push the buttons these guys do...

show no. 86 gani's 'code of conduct' mix.
posted may 10th, 2006.
01. getting fired from university radio...
02. intro
03. lindstrom - another station (todd terje remix) - feedelity recordings
04. manhead - dancer - output recordings
05. locodice - city lights - four:twenty recordings
06. jona - full pool - get physical music
07. kid d:ub - geniuz (sasse remix) - mood music records
08. jona - crime scene - resopal schallware
09. Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - ferdinand - systematic
10. booka shade - night falls - get physical music
11. sascha funke - inbetween days - bpitch control
12. dj koze - estrella - kompakt

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

+ #85 podcast +

is the future of music going to be online? i'm not sure, but i can say that this whole online thing is interesting. i've tested a few sites out, & if you have any suggestions send them my way. i still prefer to be in the record store listening to music that i want or picking up on tunes that other people are playing though. however... shopping online at 2am in your boxers does have its advantages!! if you like any of the songs check & hope you like the mix & the new show intro. ha!!

show no. 85 gani's 'sometimes i buy mp3's online' mix.
posted april 25th, 2006.
01. a message from my lady...
02. intro
03. zongamin - bongo song - 'annie dj kicks' - !k7
04. leroy hanghofer - pin (remix) - 'disco domension vol.1' - smash hit music
05. chicken lips - 2 soaps in one - 'disco domension vol.1' - smash hit music
06. zwicker - made up - compost black label
07. john tejada - the end of it all - palette
08. voom voom - roger - 'peng peng' - !k7
09. eilen allien & apparat - metric - bpitch control
10. nathan fake - the sky was pink (james holden mix) - border community
11. herb alpert - lemon tree - 'versions' - esl music
12. mark ronson feat. alex grenwald - just - 'exit music' - bbe
13. hugh masekela - languta - 'feel the beat: afrofunk' - big sur
14. roy ayers - tarzan (ame remix) - 'virgin ubiquity remixed' - rapster records

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

+ #84 podcast +

i'm under pressure... i'm in a rush... i gotta go... bye... oh... enjoy the mix there is a lot of good stuff on there. track #1 is how i should be feeling...

show no. 84 gani's 'under pressure' mix.
posted april 11th, 2006.
01. sonido lasser drakar - i feel great - international deejay gigolo records
02. grace jones & dj hell - i've seen that face before (berlin mix) - international deejay gigolo records
03. shit robot - triumph -dfa
04. tiga - far from home (dfa remix) - pias
05. flying lizard - i want money - virgin
06. who made who - rose - gomma
07. tosca - zuri (lindstrom & prins thomas nordic flavour mix) - g-stone
08. luciano - octagonal - cadenza
09. ben klock - arjuna - memo
10. dominik eulberg & gabriel ananda - schierker kreisel - traum
11. dominik eulberg & gabriel ananda - harzer roller - traum