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vikter duplaix (hollywood records, usa)
recorded live @ resolution 2003 december 31st, 2002 in toronto, canada
supporting dj's - felix and gani, dee jay nav, kola, dj serious, paul e. lopes, jason palma

one of the good things about being a dj & promoter is that i get to work with artists and people that i look up too. more often than not the artists are a pleasure to deal with, humble and very down to earth about their success. vikter duplaix is one of these people and, as luck would have it, we were able to bring him up to ring in the new year with us.

after decorating the venue all day and then almost forgetting to get vikter from the hotel (oops!) the night turned out well and went off without a hitch. the best part of it all probably wasn't the party itself but, being able to chill and talk shop with vikter the next day over a chinese dinner & drinks at a local bar. thanks vikter.

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