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tom middleton (cosmos, global communication, uk) +http+
recorded live at the smirnoff expeience on friday june 22nd, 2002 in toronto, canada
supporting dj's - felix & gani

one day the phone rang and a voice asked me if i'd like to open up for gilles peterson & earl zinger and tom middleton in an outdoor courtyard for the toronto installment of the smirnoff experience... of course i said yes! on the night of, with my vip pass in hand, i headed straight to the green room and was greeted by an oasis of munchies and bottles of alcohol as far as the eye could see. 3 parts vodka, 1 part cranberry was my friend that night and she thaught me that i'm a much better dj than i am a bartender... unfortunately, i was reminded of my lesson the whole next day but, that's another story... i did however, manage to record some of tom's set. he made one of my favourite records of all time called 'the way' with mark pritchard under their global communication moniker. it's brilliant and i'd cry if it ever got scratched. hope you enjoy his mix... now where's that bottle of vodka i nicked...

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