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recloose (planet e, detroit)
recorded live @ ecoutez... april 6th, 2001 in toronto, canada
supporting dj's - zuzana, felix and gani

recloose turned it out this night, which was incidentally, his 1st appearance in canada. we had him over from "the d" for ecoutez... (a party that felix and i thought up, it means listen in french) and it was quite an evening. the club was full (mush to our surprise i might add!) the drinks were flowing and everyone was dancing and having a good time.

we hooked up with recloose again at demf 2001 for the moa ( record release party. ayro preformed live (wicked!) and jazzanova did a dj set that had us dancing all night in spite of the heat. It all took place in a space that couldn't have held more than 200-300 people, can you say nice? famous faces in the crowd that night included mark de clive lowe and the "agent k" himself kaidi katham.

you may notice volume fluctuations in the volume on this recording but we had some sound issues the night of.