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nickodemus (rhythmlove records, giant step, nyc) +http+ +http2+
recorded live @ fez for izziboutique saturdays december 8th 2001 in toronto, canada
supporting dj's - felix and gani

i remember the first time i heard nick back in 1996 or 1997 when i was in nyc for a school trip. the trip was over but i stayed the extra weekend and attended a giant step event where he was opening up for alex reece. i enjoyed his set quite a lot and since then i've always wanted to bring him to toronto for one of our events. he played an excellent set and it was on heavy rotation in my minidisc walkman for weeks afterwards. the more you listen to it the more you'll like it.

if you're in nyc be sure to make your way to one of his turntables on the hudson parties because they sound wild! hopefully one day soon i'll be able to make it over and heat up the dance floor with everyone.