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mr.scruff (ninja tune, uk)
keep it unreal
recorded live @ the music box september 1st 2001 in manchester uk

it took us a couple years to get mr.scruff to toronto and boy were he and gary (his manager) hungry when they finally touched down at milk. in october of 2001. mahi mahi was on the menu that night as well as talk about the success of the 'keep it unreal' nights across the uk, a few funny stories about their driver were also thrown in for good measure. after dinner it was right up to the booth where scruff messed with our ears for hours on end and when it was all over the crowd was left yelling for more.

even though this mix is just a slice of one of his 'keep it unreal' nights, you'll get a sense of how well he rocks it by the non-stop cheering and whistling... his sets are 4-6hrs you know!