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bobbito +http+
a.k.a. dj cucumber slice (vibe magazine,, nyc)
recorded live @ milk. february 15th 2002 in toronto, canada
supporting dj's - paul e. lopes, felix and gani

we picked bobbito up from the airport and were a little suspicious at first because in addition to having a huge smile, he had what we thought was a tiny record bag! it left us wondering how he was going to fill the three hours that he'd requested. after dancing a little bobbito stepped to the tables we realized that there was nothing to worry about because he rocked it from start to finish. bobbito treated us to a set almost exclusively of 45's and touched on funk, soul, latin, house + the beatles and led zeppelin! the crowd ate it up, cheering, clapping and singing along all night.

check bobbito's monday night weekly 'waffles and falafels' at apt in nyc.