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stephane attias (visions, switzerland) +http+
radio mix recorded 05.03

way back in 1999 i picked the 'future lounge 2' album on stereo deluxe records and played the hell out of a track called 'cascabel' by stephane a. it wasn't until many years later that i put 1 & 2 together and realised that the stephane a. i liked now was the same guy. crazy. stephane and his brother, alex, make up visions records and they've been putting out the quality for many years now. on this mix stephane takes us from west london to nyc. enjoy.

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01. rima - this world (dego 2000 black remix)
02. nutmeg feat. face - state of mind
03. champion soul - wha'cha got?
04. bakura - reach the sky
05. alex attias & ed motta - sus for jam - visions
06. ancestry - gallery beats
07. louie vega & r. midon - cerca de mi
08. louie vega & blaze - brand new day (espidub)
09. reel people feat. jag - second guess (rp club)
10. bugz in the attack feat. wunmi - zombie 2003 (dub)
11. rednose distrikt - gotta make a move
12. osunlade presensts samba - obatala y oduduwa
13. ms.dynamite - dy-na-mi-tee (osunlade remix)