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slam mode (spiritual life, glasgow underground, usa) +bio+
liquid signals mix

michael (left) and angel (right) are the two members of slam mode. you've probably seen or bought some of their work on glasgow underground and spiritual life music as well as their own label right area. angel has been on my email list for a while and contacted me about doing a mix for the site. it's always nice having somebody offer something instead of asking for it and that's why i felt so bad when i lost the 1st copy he sent of this mix when i was in detroit! he was nice enough to send another copy so here it is. deep is the name of the game on this one, careful, you've been warned.

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01. omiya - tvt sound trax
02. vladislav delay - anima - efa
03. human - 3/5 - surveillance records
04. untitled - black joy records
05. spice like us - undercover music group ny
06. pub - slide show - ampoule
07. outro - exceptional
08. rui da silva presents the 4 elements - kismet
09. makoto - music has never let me down - good looking
10. arriving at the derelict - motel room - thrive records
11. below - no zession/sonar kollectiv
12. belong - nine2five recordings
13. regensburg rmx - markus guentner - kompact
14. shade of soul - sunny side
15. ulf lohmann - kompact
16. sit - emoticon
17. degenerate - leaf cutter's practice
18. i can't - planet e
19. crane - conrad's friend - force tracks
20. first there was jazz II - jazzland recordings
21. 3 generations walking - desperia - spiritual life music
22. i:cube - le dub - versatile
23. slam mode - abhu - spiritual life music
24. john beltram - venim & wonder - peace frog