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robert jan meyer is minus 8. i became familiar with his name after catching the nu jazz bug and sifting through the new releases to get the latest and greatest records. minus 8 releases kept popping up and i kept buying. the minus 8 remix 12" with mixes by dr. rockit and tiny trendies is still one of my favourite remix efforts. 'minuit', minus 8's latest album, is sitting in a record shop now waiting to be picked up by you.

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01. alison crockett - ur (yam who remix)
02. deyampert - held him first
03. big youth - waterhouse rock (groove corporation remix)
04. danny breaks - beat biter
05. pharcyde - runnin
06. ugly duckling - a little samba
07. baby blak - wake up
08. kinkynasti - five fish
09. young holt trio - young & holful
10. roy ayers - reaching the highest point
11. jones girls - night over egypt
12. curtis mayfield - give me your love
13. air - cherry blossom girl
14. minus 8 - white (new vocal version)