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nic conef & mark wadsworth are the duo behind mettle music and they've been putting out the quality since 1999. i first heard of them while eagerly awaiting every new toko release when that label was still kicking around. most of their tracks have a very live feeling while still maintianing that uk house sound of the great labels such as paper, nuphonic and glasgow underground. their last album 'moodswings' was released in september 2003 and is one that you can listen all the way through as it touches so many styles... brazilian, broken beat, downtempo and of course house! if you like this mix then you definitely like the album.

visit mettle music to learn more about these guys and their label.


01. mettle music - sleepy head - bar de lune
02. mettle music - el mar - bar de lune
03. malena - vida mia (faze action remix) - mettle trax
04. mettle music - back again - bar de lune
05. markus enochson - follow me - vinyl junkies
06. rawsoul orchestra - everyday (gucciman's garito style) - flamingo discos
07. alex valentin - brazil nuts
08. outlandish - aisha (faze action remix) - rca
09. square one - music & movement - mettle trax
10. mettle music - scary strings - bar de lune