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shuya mix

one of japans greatest exports, kyoto jazz massive have been holding the fort for many years now. whether it's running the infamous especial record store, the especial record label, working with compost, monday michiru, mondo grosso or djing in a town near you, their taste in music is second to none. their album 'spirit of the sun' just dropped on compost records so give it a listen next time you're out and about.

you can read more about shuya and yoshihiro by hitting


01. kyoto jazz massive - the brightness of these days - compost records
02. big bang - speak low - solaria
03. george ohtsuka - naima - three blind mice
04. spylab - loveless (butti 49 samba remix) - guidance
05. altocamet - valeria del mar - triac medium
06. los ladrones - mi amor es (waiwan vocal mix) - earth project
07. kyoto jazz massive - shine - compost records
08. kimiko kasai with herbie hancocn - i thought it was you - cbs-japan
09. jimmy smith - can't hide love - mercury
10. earth, wind and fire - can't hide love (maw remix) - sony-japan