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john arnold (ubiquity records, usa) +http+
dog in the sky mix 2003

just a stones throw from toronto, detroit, as most of you must know, has had it's foot planted in musical history for years now. home to motown and the birthplace of techno, detroit keeps putting it out there. with a new crop of talent like kenny dixon jr., recloose, and of course john arnold this legacy is sure to continue. john's been releasing records on ubiquity for a couple years now and his new album 'neighbourhood science' is a reflection of the close ties artists in the city have with each other. the album includes collaborations with his neighbourhood pals amp fiddler and ayro who have each helped him out along the way. that's the thing i like about detroit, everyone seems to be willing help out for the cause and, in my experience, the cause has always been good music. now if only everyone could get together and open some good places to eat... i'm sick of dinner in greektown during the demf!

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01. intro - earth news chop ups
02. bugz in the attic - zombie 2003 - bitasweet
03. m.t. aka bayaka - mi latino americana flor (type 2) - life line
04. e ruim - grupo batoque (zero db mix) - ubiquity
05. fredric galliano - walai (soul designer mix) - f comm.
06. ark - sucubz (mr. ozio mix) - brif
07. members of the house - share this house (john arnold edit's) - itm
08. shalark - last night - karat
09. mr. scruff - sweet smoke - ninja tune
10. duplex 100 - permanent marker -
11. partial arts - canopy (riton remix) - out of the loop
12. jeff lorber - river winds - inner city
13. povo povo - uam uam - ubiquity