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a few years ago i was in the record store and spotted a new label called acension. i think that was back in 1998. the first release i bought was called 'funk construction' and it was by the funky lowlives. the track turned into be a milk. anthem back in the day and i loved watching the people react when it finally kicked in. since then they've gone on to produce many choice records and have had their tracks licensed on a number of compilations. enjoy this mix and pick up their latest album called 'cartouche' out on stereo deluxe.

you can visit the funky lowlives at


01. home wreckers - when the weekend comes
02. quantic - apricot morning
03. buscemi - midnight session
04. domantico - brazil
05. trouble man - the essence
06. optimo - cake & milk (drift mix)
07. stevie wonder - i wish
08. ugly duckling - a little samba
09. kid sublime - money
10. koop - summer sun (richard dorfmeister & madrid mix)
11. zero 7 - distractions (bugz in da attic)
12. suba - felicidade (buscemi mix)
13. zero db - come party
14. su-paka-pooh - theme de yo yo
15. angie stone - i wish i didn't miss you