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dublex inc. (pulver records, germany) +http+
2-3am mix

the first time i heard of pulver records or dublex inc. was when my ears forced me out of my chair, and to the turntables to trainspot nickodemus when he played for us at fez. nick was playing the as yet unreleased 'tango forte' and i had to have more. after a quick search on the net, pulver appeared and i've been all smiles ever since. make sure you look for pulver records next time you're out shopping for music. thanks go to robin @ pulver for the support.

to learn more about pulver and dublex inc. go to


01. the dining rooms - sei tu (remix)
02. nu spirit helsinki - take it back
03. soul parlor - taster's choice
04. alex rostotsky - once upon a time (remix)
05. recloose - can't take it
06. dublex inc. - tango forte (remix)
07. dublex inc. - tango forte
08. voom:voom - ginger & fred
09. dirtdigglers - raw funk
10. the man - question (remix)