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i've been buying domu's music for a few years now and what keeps drawing me back is it's innovation, complexity and intricacy. once you listen to his tracks or remixes a few times you're taken to a whole new world, it's quite mad really. sometimes i find myself playing his songs over and over just to understand, know what i mean? his album 'up + down' caused quite a stir when it dropped a couple years ago on archive out of italy so pick it up if you haven't already and keep an eye out for domu as, i'm sure, we're going to see lots more from him in the future.

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01. lowd feat. kim hill - saturday
02. capital 'a' - da' bring back
03. l'aroye - sci fi sessions
04. titonton - naughty
05. metro area - orange alert (dfa remix)
06. freedom soundz - people's dub
07. amp dog knights - i'm doing fine
08. maddslinky - make your peace
09. nutmeg - state of mind
10. izzi dunn - fire (afronaught remix)
11. drumprints - one bug dub
12. galaxy 2 galaxy - hi tech jazz (live version)
13. dego + kaidi - got me puzzled
14. angela bofill - people make the world go round
15. rima - this world (2000 black remix)
16. d'angelo - everybody loves the sunshine
17. dwele - show me your love