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dj deluca aka oli rösch (stereo deluxe, germany) +http+
deluca in the mix

oli was the founding father of stereo deluxe records and has introduced us to such acts as boozoo bajou, mo'horizons and trio electrico each of which have had great success and helped define the sound and image of stereo deluxe. this was the last mix oli recorded before his untimely passing in august. his legacy remains and will live on for years to come through what he's left behind. thank you oli.

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01. the unknown - wax cocktail - ascension records
02. sola rosa - hi five - different drummer
03. robbyn rhodes - from me to you - nine2five records
04. bonobo - the plug (quantic mix) - tru thoughts
05. urbs&cutex - on and on - hollywood records
06. dadamn... - complex dinner wardrobe - combination
07. yellowbird - unfinished business - combined forces
08. rise ashen - beat generation - recreation
09. kava - big fun - fabrique
10. solar - love is in the ear - certificate 18
11. swell session - gone (jimpster mix) - hollow
12. zero 7 - distractions (bugz mix) - ultimate dilemma