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bitches brew aka dj cosmo & nikki lucas (bitches brew, uk) +http+
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ok, so i've been going out and throwing parties for years now and one of the ingredients of a good party is the presence of women, lots of them. this being said, i'm still baffled as to why more women don't take an interest in the music they dance too. there seems to be so few women making music & djing compared to the number out there shaking it every weekend. ladies, if you know why this is let me know! dj cosmo and nikki lucas are, thankfully, an exception to the rule. both are deeply rooted in the music and i was happy when they agreed to do a mix. fine music from fine ladies who also operate their own label. am i dreaming? somebody pinch me.

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01. raw deal - eye fly - straight ahead
02. los amigos invisibles - ease your mind - maw
03. banda black rio - magia do prazer - mr. bongo
04. prassay - krvsin - faya combo
05. dj buck - 405 - f4 music
06. iridite productions feat. rei loci - deep blue - iridite
07. the flaws - freek (ewan pearson remix) - bitches brew
08. kenny hawkes - dance for me - mff
09. kiki & silver surfer - sleaza - crosstown rebels
10. metro area - orange alert (dfa remix) - source/environ
11. bent - magic love (ashley beedle remix) - sport
12. the congos - congo man (carl craig re-edit) - honest jons records