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ben mono is the newest addition to the compost roster and his sound is a bit more raw and less brazilian than some of thier past sounds. his productions remind me of domu and have got a bit of an edge to them, i really like a couple of the slower more moody tracks on his first album 'dual' which is out now on compost. next time you're in the record store give at a listen to see what's up. prior to this ben has had a couple releases under the 'force & paul' moniker on compost as well as releases as 'space clique' on spinning wheel.

you can learn more about ben at &


01. tom noble - muito legal (jason brunton remix) - laws of motion
02. the!she - rattling rolph (me raabemstein mix) - no nine
03. creme de menthe - plastique - optimo singles club
04. p'taah - the oldest story (swag version dub) - ubiquity
05. the soft pink truth - promo funk - soundslike
06. sonic surfer feat. edwina blush - pieces - spinning wheel
07. joakim - the minimum of life - versatile
08. alden tyrell - phase me not - panama records
09. volsoc - compuphonic intelligence - contact
10. ben mono - talking navigator - compost
11. truby trio - satisfaction - compost
12. morgan geist - pico - fragmented records
13. chicken lips presents - zeefungk - session recordings